At a glance

The Partnership Development Facility (PDF) was approved in November 2016 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The facility is funded by the Directorate General International Cooperation (DGIS) through the returning cashflows of FOM-OS and is managed by FMO’s NL Business. The core activity of the facility is to build partnerships with Dutch companies to develop high-impact projects in the agri-food, water and climate sectors in emerging markets.

The activities of the Partnership Development Facility comprise two main components. The first component is related to the general project development activities of FMO's Project and Partnerships Development team. Here FMO acts as the financial co-developer as well as the fund manager. The second component is related to the activities of the Flying Swans Consortium, consisting of Port of Rotterdam, Boskalis and Mercator Novus. FMO NL Business acts as the fund manager.