Improved data access in Ivory Coast

Who is our client?

PDF supports Pan African Internet Exchange (PAIX) with the feasibility study into the establishment and operation of a data centre in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. 

Funding objective

The development contribution will be used to co-fund the feasibility study including the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) which is required to determine the feasibility of setting up the local data centre and confirms the assumptions made in the business plan. The data centre will serve the local market and act as a bridge head into Francophone Africa. After Ghana and Kenya, this will be PAIX’s third data centre on the continent. 

Why we fund this project?

Data connectivity and availability is essential for economic development. Data centres are an essential part of data availability. With Africa leapfrogging the analogue phase, digital data availability is a crucial part of the local infrastructure. The market in Ivory Coast is underserved and PAIX is providing a crucial piece of infrastructure. Through the establishment of a new carrier neutral data centre in Ivory Coast, the data availability should go up and the costs per unit should go down, aiding local economic development and providing direct and indirect employment opportunities.  

PDF investment | EUR 300,000

Instrument | Development Contribution

Country | Ivory Coast

SDG | 8 and 9