In 2020, the Partnership Development Facility contracted two new projects with a value of EUR 0.6 million in the enabling infrastructure sector. A total of EUR 2.7 million was disbursed during the year for projects in Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Africa and Zambia. At year-end PDF had 5 active projects in portfolio (amounting to EUR 9.6 million).

The Flying Swans made significant progress in the main agro logistical corridors in Ethiopia and South Africa. In both corridors, project sponsors were found for the corridor’s catalyst projects (Limpopo Consolidation Centre in South Africa) and Cool Port Addis in Ethiopia). Both projects have entered the feasibility phase. In 2020, Flying Swans organised the first rail-transported export shipment of avocados from Ethiopia to Europe as a trial for the future supply chain. Flying Swans foundation received EUR 2.1 million in funding from PDF for project development activities during the year.

The total fund capital anticipated to be available for PDF for the period 2017-2022 is approximately EUR 14.6 million depending on the developments and returning cash flows from the FOM-OS portfolio, another government fund managed by FMO. EUR 6.9 million is assigned to the project development activities and reimbursement of management costs for FMO NL Business of which  EUR 2.3 million is still available until the end of 2022. EUR 7.7 million is assigned to the project development activities of Flying Swans of which EUR 3.1 million is still available until the end of the period.

As a result of the pandemic, PDF saw delays in the execution of some of the projects in the portfolio. 

Overview new projects 2020:

  • Adowso Bridge (Ghana) – BAM International B.V.
    Project development funding was approved for BAM International B.V. to conduct a feasibility study for the development phase for the design and construction of the Adowso Bridge in Ghana to connect the Afram Plains with the country’s main road. The bridge will improve the productivity and growth of the agricultural sector and the socio-economic living conditions in the catchment area, with better access to health services, educational centres, market opportunities and increased household income. During the year it became clear that BAM International B.V. will cease its activities abroad. The project will probably be taken over by another counterparty.

  • PAIX Data Center (Ivory Coast) – PAIX Indigo B.V.
    Project development funding is committed for PAIX Indigo B.V., part of the Paix Group, to determine the feasibility of the establishment of a data centre to serve the local market in Ivory Coast. Paix is a Pan-African provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral colocation data centre services and is headquartered in Amsterdam. After Ghana and Kenya, this will be Paix’ third data center on the continent. Data centres are an essential part of data availability to develop the African digital economy.