Flying Swans 

Flying Swans is managed by a Dutch cross-industry coalition with the aim to develop agricultural logistical corridors in emerging markets to unlock the market potential for export and local markets of perishable goods, mainly fruit and vegetables. Development impact is at the core of the Flying Swans projects. While the impact comes in many shapes and forms in the different stages of the supply chain, addressing SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), SDG 8 (Decent work) and SDG 12 (Climate action) are at the core of the Flying Swans projects.

In 2020, Flying Swans made good progress on the two catalyst projects in the portfolio. In South Africa, Project Sponsors were found for the Limpopo Consolidation Centre project with the signing of a Project Development Agreement. In Ethiopia, The Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority accepted a similar sponsor role through their chairing of the Cool Logistics Technical Committee, acting as the local sponsor for the Cool Port Addis project. In parallel with these sponsorships, feasibility studies and the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment studies for both projects have been started with these sponsors as local partners. The latter are based on corridor-wide strategic scoping studies done by ESG specialist Earth Active in 2020.