Partnership Development Facility 2019

Annual report

The core activity of the Partnership Development Facility is to build partnerships with Dutch companies to develop high impact projects in developing countries

FMO is the project developer as well as the fund manager.

In 2019, we signed contracts for five new projects in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Zambia and Myanmar. 

The investments include projects in renewable energy, wastewater treatment, and a project in food security. 

Our performance

The activities of the Partnership Development Facility comprise two main components. The first component is related to the general project development activities of FMO's Project and Partnerships Development team. Here FMO acts as the financial co-developer as well as the fund manager. The second component is related to the activities of the Flying Swans Consortium, consisting of Port of Rotterdam, Boskalis, and Mercator Novus. FMO acts as the fund manager.

€14.6 million

Total project fund capital

In 2019 committed amount €1.6 million, in 2018-2019 €2.0 million for Project and Partnership Development and for Flying Swans Consortium (2018-2022) €7.7 million. 


Active projects

3 water projects, 3 climate projects and 1 agri-food project.

Newly contracted projects in 2019

In 2019, the FMO Project and Partnership Development team contracted five new projects with a value of €1,6 million in the agri-food, water and renewable energy sectors.

Our committed portfolio

Total committed portfolio for Project and Partnerships Development

€2 million

Total committed portfolio by region

Develop bankable projects for clean water

PDF supports Stichting Het Wereld Natuur Fonds-Nederland (WWF) to identify innovative investment opportunities to promote green industrial wastewater treatment solutions in the Irrawaddy and Kafue river basins in Myanmar and Zambia, respectively.

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Tidal Energy for development in Indonesia

PDF supports the Dutch company Tidal Bridge BV with the development of a tidal bridge with turbines for renewable energy generation, between the islands of Flores and Adonara in the East Flores region in Indonesia.

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Groundwork for expansion into Ethiopia

With the co-financing of PDF, DSM aims to establish a partnership with a reputable local company in Ethiopia for the production of fortified nutritious food for children and mothers to combat malnutrition.

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