Flying Swans Consortium

The Flying Swans consortium is a Dutch cross-industry coalition that develops logistical corridors in emerging markets with the aim to unlock the market potential for export of mainly fruit and vegetables. Development impact is the main goal of the Flying Swans prgram. While the impact comes in many shapes and forms in the stages of the supply chain, addressing SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), SDG 8 (Decent work) and SDG 12 (Climate action) are at the core of the Flying Swans projects.

In 2019, the Flying Swans made significant progress on two major projects in the portfolio. In Ethiopia a memorandum of understanding was signed to formalize the multi-annual partnership to develop a National Cool Logistics Network in the country. A steering committee was established to oversee the cool logistic project development chaired by the Minister of Transport and includes all relevant stakeholders at the highest level.

In South Africa, the Flying Swans are looking to change the supply chain of fruits and promote the modal shift from transport via road to rail. This shift will reduce the supply chain’s CO2 emissions by 60-90%. In 2019 the Flying Swans formalized a multi-annual partnership with Transnet and Fruit SA. One of the identified projects will be to promote smallholders to participate in the newly developed supply chain infrastructure.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding in Ethiopia and South-Africa signifies the start of the project structuring phase. Within the framework of this new phase the consortium members in close collabaration with FMO- NL Business, in its capacity as Fund Manager, reviewed the governance structure of the Flying Swans program. The review resulted in an upgrade of the organisation by establishing a dedicated legal entity responsible for the project development activities, Stichting Flying Swans. The operational capacity of the program has also been strengthened with the hiring of a manager Financial Control, a Project Developer and a Senior Agro Project Manager. GroentenFruit Huis transferred its responsibilties as contracting agency to the new entity and will have a new role as associated partner, enabling them to better fulfill their role as knowledge network partner to the program.

FMO-NL Business is chairing the Project Assessement Committee (PAC), consisting of 4 members, of which two independent members. The PAC approves the program's annual budget and activity plan, the annual accounts and provides approval before the start of any main phase or sub-phase for the projects in the portfolio. In 2019 the PAC met three times.