Tidal Energy for development in Indonesia

Who is our client?

PDF supports the Dutch company Tidal Bridge BV with the development of a tidal bridge with turbines for renewable energy generation, between the islands of Flores and Adonara in the East Flores region in Indonesia.

Funding objective

With co-financing provided by PDF, the environmental and social impact assessment for the tidal bridge will be conducted to ensure that the bridge will adhere to both the Indonesian environmental impact standards (AMDAL) and the IFC Performance standards for environmental & social impact.

Why we fund this project?

The realisation of the bridge aims to not only improve the standard of living and the self-sufficiency of the region, by providing easier access to markets, healthcare, education, but also to provide access to renewable energy in a very remote area of the country.

PDF investment | EUR 400,000

Instrument | development contribution

Country | Indonesia

SDG | 9 and 13