Develop Bankable Projects for Clean Water

Who is our client?

PDF supports Stichting Het Wereld Natuur Fonds-Nederland (WWF) to identify innovative investment opportunities to promote green industrial wastewater treatment solutions in the Irrawaddy and Kafue river basins in Myanmar and Zambia, respectively.

Funding objective

Like most countries, Myanmar and Zambia are facing deteriorating water risks with their rivers and freshwater resources under ever-increasing stress. They urgently need to increase private sector investment in sustainable water projects to improve water security, support economic growth and enhance the health of their river basins.

Both countries face a major stumbling block – not a lack of private sector funds but a lack of viable, sustainable and bankable water projects for companies and financial institutions to invest in. This is partly due to a lack of environmental law enforcement, leading to unwillingness to invest on the side of the private sector. Which is why WWF, the world’s largest independent nature conservation organization, has spent considerable time with the private sector in these countries to promote water-stewardship and push for reforms from the private sector. The ongoing pre-feasibility studies aim to identify bankable industrial waste-water treatment solutions, and to provide matchmaking services with the Dutch water technology providers. The pre-feasibility studies aim to select several projects that can be brought to the feasibility phase.

Why we fund this project?

Through this innovative partnership, a pipeline of bankable projects will be created for Dutch companies to potentially take forward – projects that will benefit the people and nature in Myanmar and Zambia and generate a solid financial return.

PDF investment | EUR 350,000

Instrument | development contribution

Country | Zambia & Myanmar

SDG | 6 and 12